Paul's latest recording "Two Part Creation" , Solo Works for Harpsichord & Piano, offers the best of classical works on both instruments.

Listen to the Moonlight Sonata for the first time...

or, let the music take you to an enchanted time or fill you with the richness of its presence.
  • Paul's earlier works will soon be released on CD!
  • Look for "Songs of the Harvest" and "Against the Tide".

"Two Part Creation"

Choose between the melodious sound of the harpsichord or the soothing piano.

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  • Hear works of Couporin and Bach on harpsichord.
  • Hear works of Beethoven and Debussey on piano.

“..."Two Part Creation" is an opportunity to hear the works of the 18th century masters performed on the harpsichord--as they were originally intended. The artist traces the evolution of the harpsichord to the piano illustrating the transition with performances on both instruments.
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  • Expect to hear Paul on air . . . Coming soon!
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